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CapacityHQ is transforming the way in which businesses access legal services.
Initially developed as a consultant lawyer marketplace, in May 2015 CapacityHQ was acquired by LegalVision, Australia’s fastest growing business law firm. The LegalVision team are committed to providing CapacityHQ clients with the same high quality of service you are used to. Just get in touch to discuss any legal needs you might have.

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  • 3 tips to buy or rent business premises

    Unless you’re running your business from the comfort of your home, you will probably need some sort of premises from which to run your business. Choosing whether to buy or rent is an important question to asking, as there are obviously advantages and disadvantages to both. Buying Buying the premises can be beneficial if you are looking for a very particular setup. If you have the money and d

  • Legal Considerations before buying a business

    Thinking about buying a business? You’ll need to conduct ‘due diligence’ before signing anything, as this is the best way to get an in-depth understanding of the business strengths and weaknesses. Is it financially viable? What does the purchase include? Does the business have any debts that I will inherit? These are important questions that a thorough due diligence would go some way in answ

  • How do I set up a franchise?

    If you’ve made up your mind about franchising your business, you should be considering what the initial steps would be in setting up the franchise system. Getting the business model and structure right from the outset will put you on the right path moving forward. Make sure to arrange a consultation with a franchise lawyer and an accountant, as you’ll need all the legal and financial advice yo

  • How do I sell a business?

    Businesses are bought and sold in Australia on a very regular basis. As such, there is a plethora of standardised Sale of Business contracts that business owners can use to assist them in selling their businesses. Part of the sale process involves determining the value of your business and the most opportune time to sell. Along with these important considerations, some thought should be given to t



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